"Embedded" GNUstep: new snapshot of mySTEP available

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Dear all,

I have published a new snapshot of mySTEP, the "little brother" of
GNUstep for embedded systems and handheld devices (like uClib vs.
libc). You can view some screenshots and inspect the sources (they are
under LGPL) through

mySTEP uses an X11 backend which is just 2700 LOC. It is capable of
rendering scaled and rotated bitmaps (with some alpha-blending) and to
draw attributed strings. It can also stroke, fill and clip bezier paths
as well as defining the shape of windows.

A major feature of the 2.x snapshots are that NIB files created by
Interface Builder can be loaded directly making applications more
universal. This works to approx. 95%.

mySTEP is now approx. 90% compatible to the API of Cocoa 10.4 and adds
AddressBook, PreferencePanes, MenuExtras and even a simple WebKit.
Software development is optimally done on a Mac with Xcode. It requires
only a low number of system libraries to run: -lm -ldl -lpthread -lobjc
-ltiff -lgif -lpng -ljpeg -lz -lXext -lX11

By using an ARM cross-compiler mySTEP based applications can run on a
Sharp Zaurus or other ARM/Linux systems (with appropriate X11 server).

Note, that this is a snapshot ("instable release").

Comments and Feedbacks are very welcome.

Nikolaus Schaller
More Info: http://www.quantum-step.com

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