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How do I know if already a driver is installed for my device. Is there
any command or any pointer which can give me this information. At what
location is the driver generally loaded.

Thanks in Advance.

Re: Driver installation
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What are you trying to accomplish ?

In Linux the driver _is_ the device.

AFAIK, the (virtual) address of the driver code is not "general" but
individually set when doing insmod. Why do you want to know the address
of the diver code ?


Re: Driver installation

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Hi Nilesh,
      driver files are usually object files infact kernel module object
files.and if u r using them it means they are under execution and the
location ,interms of memory location details,
would be either a part of the monolithic kernel(a builtin) or a module
that gets loaded and unloaded as per the need.
Typically ur drivers are modules.and to chk what are all the device
driver modules present in ur system issues the /sbin/lsmod command.
the object files are available in the /lib/modules/<version>
Also take the help of /proc details as they can give u device specific
and kernel internal info.
/proc/devices would list the kernel modules with their major numbers.
Take up these major numbers and look into the /dev directory for the
files which have these major numbers attatched to them.

man -> insmod,rmmod,modprobe.
cat /proc/  -> device,interrupts

drivers are very very specific for the ur requirement more
specifically for a better help ;)

Re: Driver installation
Thanks Krishna that was really helpful info.
I've Linux installed on ARM9.
When I give command lsmod or cat /proc/modules, I cannot see any
So aren't these installed at boot time.
But I can see the devices loaded by cat /proc/devices.
How do I check what all drivers are currently present on my system.


Re: Driver installation

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The dirvers might not be modules.Instead they cud be part of the
kernel.Builtins for the kernel.
In that case u won't find them in lsmod.Try doing 'dmesg' command for
the list of devices installed during the boot time.Also u can chk
/var/log/messages for that sake.

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Hence dmesg output and lsmod output together consitute the total
drivers present in ur system.
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