Company for GUI development ?

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i am looking for a company with experience in custom GUI development
for Linux. The GUI we strive for uses overlays with graphic symbols
(not rectangular grey) on a live video. Either on blank framebuffer or
some toolkit.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Company for GUI development ?

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We have used OpenGL for this type of application. If one wants to go
all the way, one can end up having the type of graphics animation used
in modern games. So far we have only used the 2D subset, which
provides all one needs for this sort of thing. We got the basics going
in less than a week using some of the books recommended on the OpenGL
web site.

   Anton Erasmus

Re: Company for GUI development ?
Thanks for the hint. I've made that in a similar way for a former
project. Unfortunately with DirectDraw for Windows XP.
Now we will have a PXA270 board, No X Server, just /dev/fb0, display
320x240, Debian based. I don't know much about OpenGL. Will it run on
such configuration ? We also have to use some standard widgets,
comboboxes and listboxes. It should be also possible to use asian
fonts. Is it advisable to use GLUT or OpenGL for doing that ?



Re: Company for GUI development ?

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I think you'll need a basic X Server. You do not need a desktop or
window manager for OpenGL. I think one can use a basic frame-buffer
as the display for an X-Server.
To find out exactly what  dependancies OpenGL has, it is probably best
to ask on an OpenGL forum. With the development of 3D graphics
chipsets for the mobile phone market, it is quite probable that one
should be able to use OpenGL on the setup you have.

  Anton Erasmus

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