Changing root filesystem properties

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I'm using uClinux with Motorola M5249C3 Cold Fire.
I have the uClinux Full Distribution and building the image file with
the default configuration all works good. But now I want to modify the
root filesystem. By default this is created in RAM as a readonly
filesysytem (romfs filesystem is used). I would like to mount it with
read and write properties in the same RAM (using, for example, ramfs
What is the best method to do this?


Valentina Damato

Re: Changing root filesystem properties

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by default, you should have a ramfs already for /var.
this is created (from nothing) by the startup scripts in the romfs.

The problem with running the root fs from ramfs, is that you need to get all the
binaries and libraries into it somehow.
i guess you could boot from romfs, and then setup your startup scripts to make a
ramfs, copy everything over to it, then chroot to the ramfs.

it would probabaly be easier to just create mounted ramfs on other dirs,
/home /usr etc.
instead of the entire rootfs, but, if you think you need a ramfs rootfs, then i
you do :)

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