move ramdisk root filesystem to jffs2

Hello, I am running snapgear on a IXP425 ARM board and we have always been using ramdisk. However now we like to move the root filesystem to flash using jffs2. I have already gotten jffs2 to work on my board and I can actually use mkfs.jffs2 on the board to create and mount a jffs2 partition. However I like to be able to build a root filesystem and burn it onto the flash and have the kernel automount it on boot. How do I create this root filesystem image after I have recompiled by linux tree and have both the zImage and the ramdisk.gz files?

  1. Where is the mkfs.jffs2 binary in the linux tree? If it is not there by default, where can I go and get it? I am hosted on a PC.
  2. What is the command line syntax to run this mkfs.jffs2 binary so that the entire unused mtd partition in flash is given to this filesystem?
  3. What is the linux bootstring to boot this jffs2 image from flash?

I am running linux 2.6.

Thanks for your tips!

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