Loading Application into At91rm9200(It's urgent pls reply)

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Hi Friends,

I have set up the AT91RM9200-EK board.and I have transfered a
dataflash image which i got in the BSP cd.This image contains u-
boot.bin,2.4.19-rmk7.bZimage and RFS.So upon loading this dataflash
image using TFTP the board is successfully booting up.And after that
compiled a sample helloworld program using crosstool chain installed
from arm-2007q1(codesourcery.com).
But now i am not able to load this binary application file into
board.can anybody please help in this mainly I have these doubts.

1.Whether i have to load this binary file into Flash ROM or into DRAM
or into any external flash.
2 .The procedure to load it.

Thanks in advance........

Re: Loading Application into At91rm9200(It's urgent pls reply)
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I haven't worked with this board, but the following comments will
apply to many.

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It depends on your setup, where your root file system is, what
functionality you got enabled in your shell etc...
In general you can run apps fro ROM or RAM.
1.a. If your Root file system is on a NFS server, it is very easy to
do.  Just copy the compiled application binary in to somewhere in your
NFS root tree (eg: /) and run it using your target.  (Highly recommend
doing it this way until you are confident)
1.b. If your Root file system is on a Ramdisk stored on the flash,
you need to find how the ramdisk is created and put the app in there
before building the ramdisk root image.
1.c An easier (volatile) alternate will be to
 - telnet in to target system
- create a directory to mount a ramdrive (eg: mkdir /mnt/myramdrive)
- mount a variable ramdrive in to that (eg: mount -t ramfs none /mnt/
myramdrive -o maxsize80%00)
- copy your application over FTP/TFTP/SMB/SSH in to that directory
- run it
Note : that the ramdrive is volatile.  It would not last a reboot.

Obviously the above is a general answer for a general question.

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