Bootsplash for linux embedded

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I am working on linux embedded system developed by DSPDesign
( I want to load bootsplash on it. I successfully
recompiled my kernel and already had enabled Frame-Buffer support,VESA
VGA graphics console, Use splash screen instead of boot logo and
Initial Ramdisk support in it.
Now the next step is to add splash image into grub/lilo.conf and in
boot dir, which is not there in my linux embedded system. It have an
script which loads kernel image and loads linux.

Can anybody give me hint, how can i do further steps.

Inpreet singh

Re: Bootsplash for linux embedded
Hello All,

I recompiled my linux kernel for MIPSEL processor and loaded it on my
flash memory to enable bootsplash by patching bootsplash utility. Now I
want to change boot options. Like we add options (kernel
/*kernel-image* ro root=LABEL=/ vga79%1 and initrd /initrd.splash) in
/etc/grub.conf. I don't find any /boot directory nor /etc/grub.conf or
/etc/lilo.conf. How can I change my boot options.

I tried to start YAMON (using Ctrl+C) on mips but its not happening.

How can I set boot options in MIPSEL environment. Where I should put my
splash image???

Please help

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