ARM9 & wifi & webcam

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I just had bought dev. computer board, processor AT91SAM9260, 64MB ram,
512 MB flash & 8Gb SD card.
Now there is Debian,custom build kernel 2.6.23 witch patches - installed
by board seller.

I'm installing Gentoo now, and while waiting to complete I have  a few

ndiswrapper works well under ARM9? is there any tutorial howto
cross-compile&config  ndiswrapper for ARM9?
or wifi chips@USB are supported natively? what wifi chips are well
supported on ARM9?

I have ralink wifi card, works well with my laptop@Gentoo, but It will
work with ARM9?

I want connect webcam to ARM9. it is possible? what hardware are
I have to port webcam drivers by myself, or anyone did it already?

And I have crazy idea.....

Purpose: Some onboard image processing/reading sensors--> controlling my
small robot.
ARM9 will be talking through rs232 or/and SPI to ARM7 which already
quite well control robot's hardware.

I know well ARM7 & AVR, and programming it without OS, and witch
freeRTOS (always very small memory & resources),
bud I'm just starting with embedded Linux and ARM9.

Please any advice, links to howtos....and what is useful for beginner,
e.g books or wiki?.

Mariusz Koniarz

sorry for poor English

Re: ARM9 & wifi & webcam
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Don't worry, your english is fine. But, please don't multi-post. Your
question was answered on comp.arch.embedded. Those reading it here will
be wasting their time answering it again. If the question is on-topic to
more than one newsgroup then you should cross-post it. If you don't know
the difference between cross-posting and multi-posting, please look it up.


Re: ARM9 & wifi & webcam
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Hmm, post on comp.arch.embedded had this same title, but there I added
more questions, so it wasn't strictly multi-posting. I know how to

I got answer for only my first question, but what about another?

Yes, my fault - many questions in single post... sorry for that. I'll be
better next time.

So once more the most important question:

Well working, or simply working webcam@USB with ARM9
or hints what webcam drivers are  easy portable.


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