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Ok, here's the problem. I added flush LP mount lights to the front of my motorcycle(ditching the huge stalks/signals) and they look great. Problem is they're 23 watt instead of 28 watts (1157 bulb) and the signals flash quickly. Is there any way to slow them down???? There is no other flasher available for my make of motorcycle, they only make one kind and it's meant for the original bulbs/hardware.

does anyone know anything about this stuff? is there a resistor or diode or (whatever, I have no clue) that I can put in line to increase load?


I talked to an electrician and an electronics dude and tried to wire up a resistor (10W on the body of the resistor, looks fairly heavy duty) but it does not work. It's hooked up in series (like it's supposed to) but doesn't change the way the signal flashes.

Next I hooked up a small 12V mini bulb to increase the load, both the mini bulb and the LP 21 watt bulb flash but they still flash quickly.

The only thing that does work is hooking up the original 1157 bulb along with the LP 21 watt flasher ... now it flashes properly. Only catch is ... is this too much load for my bike to handle? Everything seems nice and bright but where am I supposed to hide this monster bulb?

Does anyone know if a resistor with the same resistance as an 1157 will work? Obviously the 2 guys I spoke to weren't proficient in this problem I have with wiring/load/wattage. (one guy told me to hook up a xmas light since it's 7 watts (duh, a xmas light runs on AC 120) .....

Cmon there must be someone out there that can help! I really don't want to start wiring in other bulbs and stuffing them in the fairing.

Thanks in advance, hope someone can help me on this


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A resistor with the same rating as the original bulb will still cause the same system drain as the original bulb wired in, plus you'd need to get rid of the extra heat.

Instead, wire up either a 7W 12V bulb (as your mate was trying to say, no doubt) as well, as this will take the total load up to what the flasher obviously is designed to work with. You could use a resistor instead (in parallel with the new lamp, not in series) but again, you need to get rid of the heat (you do with a globe as well, but that may be easier than a tucked-away resistor). 1.8 Ohms at 10 Watts would be about right.


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