Nobody waste your time replying to this unless you have read all the numerous threads that FEerguy started on this topic under the heading "eer" and similar.

It is OBVIOUS. (eer) > > > Eer is obvious. > > I have battled with experts for many years about it, and taken deserved


for my lack of math to back it up. > > But, eer is just plain obvious. To miss it would be a shame - we NEED it. > > We can collect energy from the sun, the wind, waves, tides, etc. > > We can STORE that energy - and there is such an unlimited supply of


that losses are not a problem. > > We have technology for electric cars, and electricity has long been our

way of

distributing energy for other energy needs. > > > Frank > > > >
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I had him killfiled, but because you reposted it, I still saw it. :-( Most of the people here have killfiled him, so let him alone. He's entitled to his crackpot theories, just as everyone else is. If he's foolish enough to continually repost his balderdash here, he will get nowhere. He should be out looking for venture funding to get his 'idea' off the ground. Some people just don't have the guts or smarts to do that, tho, so if he continues to be a lamer, he'll just keep coming out of the woodwork. Like you said, ignore him.

[crap snipped]
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