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I looked at one of those Lime electric skateboards.  
It has a QR code sticker, and no other user interface,  
that I noticed.

I never rented one, and wonder how the system works,  
the network stuff.  It looks complicated.  Customer reads  
it with his phone camera... then what?  I guess he runs a  
Lime app, but how how does it start the unit?  The phone  
dials a Lime number, and a server responds, activating  
the scooter?  It has a cell phone line built in?

There's also the question of how Lime gets paid, another  
network software question.

Also, the hardware... what telemetry dos it use?  
Communicates with the user through a Bluetooth connection?

Anybody here have experience with suchlike consumer products?


Re: Lime skates
On 14.09.2020 22:46, Rich D wrote:
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The Lime app reads the QR code and sends that to a server.
The control module inside the skateboard has a cellular
modem with. It either receives a text or keeps a constant
internet connection with the server. When it gets the signal it  
activates the power to the skateboard.

Billing is done via the app, there are APIs for that for all
major mobile OSes.

I don't think it directly communicates with the user's phone, all
goes through the server.

Why not grab one and take it apart to see for yourself :^)
ofc i'm kidding. dont do that.

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