Nanovna ...has anyone tried it?

Looks like you can get a network analyzer to 1 GHz for less than $100. Amazon sells them for 75 ish. Reviews look good. About 40 db of range. Has anyone tried one yet? Pretty amazing if true....and I think it is substantially true

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There is the H vesrsion which is claimed to be good to 1.5GHz, available for under 50USD on AliExpress.

Best regards, Piotr

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Piotr Wyderski

I've had one since Christmas. Nifty little unit. There is software, free, Nanovna Saver. It has a TDR function that showed me a wet cable to my VHF-UHF antenna. So I got to spend more on new RG213. There is a version of the software for Linux and windows. There is even an app for Andriod. The screen is a little small and touch screen a little quirky. So the software is a definite plus.

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Worth buying, but do the full SOLT calibration with both ports active. I love my unit, Paid for itself on day one. Keep in mind it uses harmonics for the higher range. However it does that very well.


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Has several short write-ups about it.

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John S

VNA to 300MHz, with trickery to make it sorta kinda work above that. Low-IF/Zero-IF design that can produce assorted spurious responses in the presence of non-test RF. Clever design, but not a replacement for the $$$ boat anchors.

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Clifford Heath

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