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I'm studying an MEng Electronic Engineering degree at the University of Warwick in the UK and outside of electronics my main passion is music (I play guitar, double bass and recently taken to piano). As I have recently started thinking about what i'm going to do after uni I figured the sort of job I would love is one that combines music and electronics.

I have been tinkering with synths and building my own effects for guitar for years so I like to think I have the grasp of the basics of how do design electronics for musical applications and as my course progresses and I learn more advanced design techniques i'll be able to take this further but I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on what this area of industry is like, how to get in to it, even if its possible to get in to it. I have heard that there are very few jobs available. Any help, advice or stories of personal experience would be very very helpful!!

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Consider getting into products involving computer synthesis of CLASSIC instruments such as pipe organs. Allen organ company was the pioneer in this field, and their products today dominate this key, high-end field of electronic music back around 1970 using a computer chip made custom for them by Rockwell.

Surprisingly, Allen has very little serious competition even today, with GHz computer chips now inexpensively available making the systhesis of even a large 20-rank pipe organ easily achievable using as few as 5 or 6 Pentium processors.

Just a thought... Harry C.

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