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Hi, I need to design an AM transmitter as a vlsi project (it needs to be located on smart dust later on). Does anyone have any good suggestions were to start from? I am familiar with vlsi, but don't really know how to implement such a big idea, into a vlsi simulation and circuit design. Looking on trasmitter's schemes didn't help, 'cause that's all resistors, amplifiers and capacitors. How do I translate it into vlsi design? Be very glad to any guidance... Thanks.

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How will you set the frequency?

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Homer J Simpson

What did Google tell you?

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Homer J Simpson

Well if he asked the right question, he'd find that it is indeed bad manners (at the very least) to post the same question separately to a bunch of newsgroups (this is the fourth I've found it in so far).

ONe is supposed to find the most appropriate newsgroup, by searches and then by reading the newsgroups for a bit to figure out whether the post fits, and then posting.

If for some bizarre reason there actually is a valid reason for hitting more than one newsgroup at a time, then one is supposed to cross-post, ie put the two or at most three newsgroups in the newsgroup header so one single post does the deed, and everyone will see replies no matter which of the newsgroups the person sees it.

But usually there is no good reason.

The poster has a big problem, he seems to want to design ICs, yet doesn't have a background in electronics to have a grasp of what's needed here. AM transmitters are basically a basic issue, yet designing ICs is not. But I'm not sure how someone gets to the point of being able to design ICs without having a rudimentary knowledge of transmitters (at least to the extent that they have a broad picture, that they can then pursue by themselves). YOu can't design ICs if you don't know how to design electronics.


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Michael Black

A ring oscillator. That's funny!

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Michael A. Terrell

pwm maybe?

Bye. Jasen

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Sure you can Mike. There is all that nifty simulation software (SPICE etc) out there. Just change component values till SPICE says it works. :)

M Walter

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Why don't you start by looking at the waveform produced by an AM transmitter then work out how to make that using all digital...

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