XS40 Download Cable

From what I remember [1] it is just a straight pin-to-pin connection.

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do have old manuals available, you could always take a look there if in doubt.

BTW, do you have software available which can handle the FPGA on it? There hasn't been any support for the XC4K fpga for quite a long time now in ISE...

Good luck with your experimentation!


[1] I have rather fond memories of this board since it was the prototype board which introduced me to FPGAs a number of years ago.
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Andreas Ehliar
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Dear Folks !

I'm hvin a rather outdated XS40 board, which I'm planning to start experiment with. Unfortunately, I don't have the Parallel Download cable for it.

Is there any circuitry inside the cable or is it just pin-to-pin connection ?? Can anybody clarify this for me ?



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xess.comdo have old manuals available, you could always take


Yes, it's a straight pin-to-pin parallel cable. You can use Xilinx ISE 4 tools to design for that board and Xess XSTools to upload the configuration bit file to the board. I used this board to design an Atmel 89c51 programmer (VHDL design + xs40 board + 2 transistors + 4 resistors + 1 Voltage regulator) and a simple software in the PC. Maybe we can share some ideas.


Hern=E1n S=E1nchez

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Hernán Sánchez

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