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since my company is going to buy a board from silica based on the virtex4 fpga (the part number is ADS-XLX-V4LX-EVL25 or ADS-XLX-V4LX-EVL60) i would like to have some comments from someone who is already using it expecially regarding the usb interface, implemented by means of a Cypress EZ-USB FX2 USB Microcontroller, part number CY7C68013-100AC.

we need to set up a usb connection to stream data from the board to a pc (troughput 16Mbit/sec) but it is not clear to me the effort that must be done to implement this kind of link, both on the fpga and on the pc.

have someone already done this with the board above mentioned? or in general with the usb controller that is mounted on the board? what source code (vhdl/verilog and/or software) comes with the board? is the complete usb protocol stack handled on the cypress usb controller or part of it has to be implemented in the fpga? with the software available from the cypress web site is it easy to write a driver for a pc?

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"hata" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:

the USB controller from Cypress needs to be programmed, its up to you to write the frmware, and yes using the software from cypress is relativly easy.

for your task you possible some small IP core in FPGA to connect to the FIFO interface of the USB chip, thats mainly a few handshake signals.

I have the same board I think (or similar avnet board with LX25) and there are NO USB examples included at all :(

for your complete task you need

1) PC application 2) PC side driver 3) FX2 firmware 4) FPGA 'interface' ==> 1 man-month


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Antti Lukats


thanks for your quick reply. do you know if there is some sort of framework or application example available from cypress? i serched on their web site and the only thing i found was a gpif designer (in my understnding needed only to set up the interface with the fpga), the windows driver for the mass storage application (two dll are provided but WITHOUT documentation!) and a some application note. i did not find any compiler or document explaining how to program the usb controller. are these tools provided with the board (compiler/assembler/driver/documentation)?

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