xilinx MGT compatibility?


can the MGT of Virtex-4FX talk to the MGT of Virtex-2Pro (XC2VPX) ? Any experience or problems ?


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Tullio Grassi
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Howdy Tullio,

The FX parts with MGT's haven't even been released to engineering (or early) sample yet, so nobody is going to have experience with them yet except Xilinx. Regardless, there should be no problems getting the MGT's of the two parts (or most any other devices with a SERDES, including Altera's Stratix GX) talking to each other, provided you choose a bit rate that is supported by both devices. For example, make sure to have a -7 speed-grade V2Pro if you want to do 3.125 Gbps.

Have fun,


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Marc Randolph

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