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I tried this source code: entity main is     Port ( clk , en : in std_logic;            sout : out std_logic); end main; architecture Behavioral of main is begin   process   variable a : std_logic;   begin     sout <= '0';     a := '0';     wait until rising_edge(en);     while en = '1' loop

-- wait until rising_edge(clk);       wait until clk'event and clk = '1';       a := not a;       sout <= a;     end loop;   end process; end Behavioral; and I obtain this error: Analyzing Entity <main> (Architecture <behavioral>). ERROR:Xst:825 - C:/Lavori/menfis/prova_xilinx/prova_2/main.vhd line xx: Wait statement in a procedure is not accepted. The question is: can I use wait or not? I found a lot of manual on the internet (eg.

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and all of them sais that 'wait' is allowed in synthesis. thanks

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Your code is NOT a synthesable code.

Don't use 'wait' for synthesis code, but use 'wait' for your testbench tester.

A synthesisable code will follow the rules:

- reset signal can be asynchro. or synchro.

- enable signal is ever synchro.

- if possible use only signal (don't use variable for synthesable code)


entity main is Port ( clk , en : in std_ulogic; sout : out std_ulogic); end main;

architecture Behavioral of main is signal a : std_ulogic; begin process (clk) begin if rising_edge(clk) then if en = '1' then a

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Amontec Team, Laurent Gauch

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Yeah, I would second that opinion. Reading your code it looks like you are treating VHDL as a software language rather than a hardware language. To see what I mean, consider what you are trying to tell the compiler to generate. If you can't figure out what the hardware should look like, how can you expect the software to figure it out? I know that I can't figure out what hardware you are trying to describe or what could be built that would do what your software does. It clearly does not describe a FF with logic feeding the D input and a clock enable signal. There are too many waits for that.

Take a look at some synthesis templates for FFs and other hardware items that you might want to generate. Don't think in terms of the language, think in terms of the hardware you want to build. Then you should get synthesizable code.

Rick "rickman" Collins

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