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Hi everyone,

after I have imported my custom peripheral into XPS 8.2i, I added the Design to my System (XC2VP30). The custom peripheral should be attached to the PowerPC using the Onchip peripheral Bus, which is created using the Create/Import Custom Peripheral Wizard.

I download my Design to the board with no errors. When I now try to run a C++ File in XPS SDK by pressing the run Button, the XMD exits with the error: "Failed Loading Project, Check if MHS/MSS files are correct (Errors ocurred while creating Hardware System) Initialization Failed: E02 Failed to load XMP file"

When I use the "manual" way: open XMD in Command Shell, connect ppc hw

-> dow file.elf -> con. The xmd tells me the processor is running, but I get not the results that I expect to see (outputs on RS232). I open the XMD Debugger and the program rests in the first line of the code with no further debugging possible.

I get this error when I connect my custom peripheral to PPC, when I use the MicroBlaze, I get no errors. I assume this might have something to do with the address space of the custom peripheral. In the address tab on the right hand side of the XPS Gui I tried to set a address space manually, for example from 0x4200000 to 0x4200ffff. I also tried the "generate address" button, I get the message that "address generation is only supported for single processor desings". But I need both processors in a next step and I just tried to delete one of the ppcs in the design, which leads to more errors. At last I tried to simply leave my custom peripheral without address space, as some of the components in the address tab also do not seem to have one.

So has anybody a solution for my problem? How do I succesfully connect my custom peripheral to the PPC?

Thanks and Regards, Peter

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For those who have the same problems with XPS 8.2i to understand the tutorials which can be found in the internet that use XPS 6.x: There's a tutorial which shows step by step the custom peripheral import in XPS 8.1i which is similar to XPS 8.2i.

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Regards, Peter

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