Xilinx Chipscope and EDK

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I just used Xilinx Chipscope with EDK for the first time and it is

Just drap and drop chipscope_icon and chipscope_plb_iba in XPS and
connect them together.
Then recompile and you have a non-intrusive plb bus analyzer.

One problem I had was Chipscope didn't want to work with the evaluation
version of ISE.

In the file chipscope_plb_iba_v1_01_a/data/chipscope_plb_iba_v2_1_0.tcl
I had to change:
    exec xst -ifn $xst_scr_filename
    exec xst -ifn $xst_scr_filename 2> null
so the warning about the evaluation version expiring doesn't cause the
compile to fail.

I also had a problem with my Zone Alarm firewall because Chipscope sets
up a client/server connection so it can be used remotely.

EDK 8.1.02, ISE 8.1.03, Chipscope 8.1.03

Alan Nishioka

Re: Xilinx Chipscope and EDK
Chipscope is great, but is it really non-intrusive?  In my experience,
not completely.

Just sayin.

Great tool!  I used to pull debug signals out to test pins.  Now that
is EXTREMELY intrusive and things can fall apart quickly.  But I was
also a lot dumber back then.  Now I am just sort of dumb.

Haven't tried the bus analysis cores.

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