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I am facing a problem regarding Xilinx CPLD Readback. One of our engineers left the country who designed the system back in 2000 and is out of touch now. I have no idea where are the original design files and the JEDEC files.

However I do have two or 3 boards which have the working CPLD with the code I need. I have no experience with a readback feature. Can anyone help in this regard? I have a Xilinx PC4 cable and the ISE software. Can I use it to readback the Jedec file from the CPLD? I have read in the data sheet of XC9572 that it has data protection features. What will I get if the device is protected?

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shabana snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com schrieb:

Yes, if it is not read protected.

Rubbish or an error messeage. If the protection feature is set, you are lost.

And guys, no discussion here on reverse engineering. For such a device, its most probably ways faster and cheaper to redesign the CPLD (using the other system documents etc.) than to reverse engineer the CPLD by probing, etching etc.

Regards Falk

P.S. Tststs, lost the source files AND the JEDEC. Not quite ISO 9000 compliant. SCNR.

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Falk Brunner

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