Convert Jedec to logical equations

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 Is it possible to convert jedec to logical equations? I've got a jed
file for a xilinx cpld(XC9536xl) and I'm trying to recover a job done
a long time ago. Or, is it possible to discover the pinout based on
the jed file? This would be quite useful too.

Thanks in advance,
PS: Sorry for my poor English skills.

Re: Convert Jedec to logical equations
JEDEC files are very device and architecture specific.  It is very
unlikely that jed2abl would support anything more than the 22V10 or
16V8 type of devices.  If Data I/O, the original authors of ABEL,
supported the XC9536 then you might have a shot.  If not, then you
will have to go to Xilinx and I don't think the programmable logic
companies like to give out JEDEC disassembelers, even if they have

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Re: Convert Jedec to logical equations
I used to do some early xilinx and amd mach parts in abel - too far in
the neither regions of my brain to remember if this was before I started
down the view logic xilinx path - ain't verilog grand.  Other thing to
do might be to grep around for the old source files, but, alas, I would
suspect this has already been done.  If tis is still the case (no
jed2abl, no source) call xilinx - the rep in your area, not the disti -
they might be abel (he he) to help.


Mark Moyer wrote:

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Re: Convert Jedec to logical equations
Ahah -

DataIO sold the rights to ABEL to Xilinx - and XAPP075 gives notes about
how to use abel for the cpld's of the time - now part of the XABEL
interface in foundation - also includes a jed to abel conversion utility.
Just run your jed files into the webpack if that's what you run.


Andrew Paule wrote:

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