XC5200 tool help needed

I am assisting in the debug of a board with XC5202 parts. The design is done using Aldec schematics in the M1.4 environment. I have M1.5 set up on Win2K in a VMWare virtual machine.

Q: Does anyone know the latest version of the Xilinx implemenation tools which support the XC5200?

Q: Latest version of Foundation Express which supports XC5200?

Q: Can either of these older versions be installed/run from Windows 2000?

Q: How can I get the latest patches/service packs for tools with XC5200 support?

I have a valid license for Foundation Express version which supports XC5200. Following is from my license.dat

PACKAGE FND-EXP-PC xilinxd 1.000 30A0C0B1948681FADED8 \ COMPONENTS="system-PC bit-PC \ xc3000D-PC xc4000X-PC xc5200X-PC \ ngd2vhdl-PC verilog-PC \ Foundation-PC X-VHDL-PC \ FPGA-Express:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-VHDL-Base:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-VLOG-Base:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-XC3k-Optimizer:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-XC4k-Optimizer:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-XC5k-Optimizer:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-XC9k-Optimizer:1997.110 \ FPGA-Express-Constraint-Mgr:1997.110 "

Does anyone know what version of Foundation Express this license applies to?

To Xilinx: How can I get this license renewed? How can I get a copy of the install CD and patches for this version of Foundation Express?


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Paul Urbanus
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I'm using version 4.1i which I believe is the end of the line for Aldec tools available through Xilinx. However Xilinx no longer has a working relationship with Aldec, so you're on your own for finding this version. I don't have the XC5200 devices installed on my machine, but the libraries guide in this revision still lists them, so I think they're supported.

Foundation Express 3.6.1 works with 4.1i There may be a later release that supports XC5200.

Yes. 4.1i also runs on XP service pack 1.

You may be out of luck there, since Xilinx no longer has a working arangement with Aldec.

I think you'll have to go by release dates. (1997 week 110?) Mine (for 3.6.1) has lines:

COMPONENTS="FPGA-Express:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-VHDL-Base:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-VLOG-Base:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-XC3k-Optimizer:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-XC4k-Optimizer:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-XC5k-Optimizer:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-VIRTEX-Optimizer:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-XC9k-Optimizer:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-Constraint-Mgr:2002.12 \ FPGA-Express-GAT:2002.12 "

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Fastest way to get an answer to this is to open a webcase. We do provide support for old software and devices.

Aust> I am assisting in the debug of a board with XC5202 parts. The design is


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Austin Lesea

The very latest versions of Xilinx implementation tools that support XC5200 are Founation 4.1i and Founation 4.2i series.

Please note that is the latest "implementation" tool. You can use latest version of synthesis tool from Synplicity or Synopsys. You can use latest version of simulator from Aldec or any other vendor as well.

Also, Foudation design can be imported into Aldec's Active-HDL software so you can maintain and resuse your Fouantion design. Active-HDL can also help you to covert the design targetting newer devices.

Foundation Express is basically Xilinx Founation bundled with Synopsys's FPGA Express. FPGA Express 3.6 is bundled with Founation

4.1/4.2 series.

Foundation (Express) 4.x should be able to run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP1.

If you are talking about patches for Xilinx implementation tool, it is discontinued so there is no future patched or service packs. Xilinx released at least two service packs for 4.1i.

It looks like an older Founation Express software, probably with Express Version 2.0, which is actually Foundation 1.4. Check the following link on Xilinx site:

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Again, this design can be open/imported in latest Active-HDL software from Aldec.

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