Little help needed with FT2232L USB demo board


I have hit a bottleneck while using FIFO interface mode of FTDI FT2232L USB demo board, which i plugged into my linux box (2.4.20-8smp). I made sure that the ftdi_sio and usbserial modules are removed. To verify that the onboard EEPROM is actually configured to 245BM FIFO interface, I used Mprog (in windows). Next, I have installed the latest libftdi and libusb packages and tried to explore the handshaking signals in FIFO mode.

So, first I have set the async bit bang mode (value 1) using ftdi_set_bitmode API and I could successfully read and write from FT2232L using ftdi_read_data and ftdi_write_data APIs. But then in bit bang mode, I do not have access to FIFO handshaking signals (TXE and RXF) as they are masked to RD and WR signals (as per the FT2232L manual). But without setting the bitbang mode, the write operation fails and so the read operations as well. Please let me know how can i use the FIFO mode correctly and what am I missing here.

Apart from these, how can i sense the AC[0:3] and BC[0:3] signals on FT2232L through API. Will ftdi_read_pins help ? Also, how shall I interpret the data returned by ftdi_read_pins API.

I am kind of new to this. So, I would appreciate if you can elaborate your understanding.

Thank you very much for you help.


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Sir? You in a FPGA group.

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