Which Xilinx FPGA/board?

Dear Comrades,

I am trying to implement a large design on a Xilnx FPGA (over 500,000 gates). Spartan 3E seems like the best bet, but I wanted to ask around before I ordered a board. I am considering a board by digilent

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Can you please suggest:

- A good starter board - A good FPGA with lotsa real estate for my big design

My budget is about $500

Thanks a bunch, Rohit

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Your request is like asking what is the best cheese (a question of taste).

ML401 exceeds your specs at the target price:

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The most complete list is on

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Tommy Thorn


I will of course suggest one of our boards - Raggedstone1 - either RS1-400 (400,000) circa $95 or RS1-1500 (1,500,000) circa $270 ($165 student). If want to run this board on the bench then add the PCI I/O adaptor to give 50 5V tolerant I/O at $30 (with board purchase). Shipping is $19 (low cost) or if you are in a hurry FEDEX (usually next day to the US, EEC etc if we get order by about 10.00am GMT) $38.

The RS1-1500 has a XC3S1500 which is about the biggest Spartan device supported under ISE Webpack except perhaps a XC3S1600E but that's a close call.

Other things we have to consider is our OVERCOAT option where for your budget we can might just about do a small array of Raggedstone1's. This can increase your effective size of the logic you have available but of course is split between several devices. This a build to order option and does have a lead time although we are looking at having a small stock of these on the next build run within the next few weeks.

There are other offerings in our product range that will probably reach into your price bracket and do brouse our website for their details. If you are are a student look at our University Access Program (UAP) webpage for details on board discounts. Big green button on our index page is the way in.

John Adair Enterpo> Dear Comrades,

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