Reasonable Entry Level Dev. Board....

I am new to FPGA field, I took two classes, learning how to implemen multiplexers, shift registers, ALUs and pieces of a scalar CPU. Mos of the projects were simulations without actualy synthesis.

I want to get into Software Radio and try to implement some DS

functions. I've been looking around and it seems that Digilent Inc Spartan 3 Board is a very good choice. It is reasonably priced, $9 and has several ports.

Spartan 3 is powerful enough for most DSP projects, correct? Woul

this be a good investment? What are other alternatives?

I appreciate any input..

Thank you

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I think that board from digilent is about as good as you can get for a starter on fpga. yeah the spartan is good enough for DSP implementations too. Maybe you can take a look at Xcess boards also they have some competitive offerings.

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