Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..

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just a few comments, hope the may save some time for someone

ML300 is shipped with V2PDK
most V2Pro 'reference designs' are only for V2PDK
V2PDK is no longer supported by xilinx
the V2PDK examples only compile with synplicity,
not with XST, well XST compiles the verilog versions
and one simple VHDL example also compiles.
when using XST synthesis (with the verilog example) with almost
all options turned off the VP7 device on ML300 is 89% percent full?

with EDK 3.2 there are no similar examples (for the V2Pro) as in
the V2PDK, as example the TFT LCD (available and working in V2PDK)
is 'obsoleted' and not replaced in EDK 3.2 so if you want to build
a standalone system with EDK 3.2 (and TFT) then you have no support -
the obsoleted core can be 'forced' to be visible in EDK/XPS but
no idea if it would function or not.

ml300 does boot linux, ok, but all you can do is starting a calculator
- there is no docu about the linux implementation at all, yes there
is linux but how to write simplest application for it, no idea, from
montavista there is link back to xilinx. a round-trip. well at least
ml300 is now listed by montavista as supported platform (few months
ago still wasnt even listed).

the VxWorks 'demo' with ml300 simply loads 5 bitmaps in delayed sequence.

maybe I am missing some information, but that are my first feelings with


Re: Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..

the Linux demo shipping with ML300 comes with X Windows and a ton of servers
and applications. If for some reason your board came with just a very simple
command line version of Linux you can get the full MicroDrive image from the
ML300 lounge accessible from .

If you want to start your own development with Linux on Virtex-II Pro please
contact MontaVista and ask them for MontaVista Linux 3.0 for ML300. They will
be able to give you more information on the content and the pricing of their

V2PDK is still supported by Xilinx. However, it is in the process of being
replaced with EDK. The V2PDK design for the ML300 is currently ported over to
V2PDK and you should be able to download it from the ML300 lounge in the near
future. A first version of the port will not support all peripherals that
have been available in V2PDK but will give enough functionality to boot

The TFT in EDK works as it is the same as in V2PDK.

- Peter

Antti Lukats wrote:

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Re: Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..
Thanks Peter,

and sorry xilinx, affiliates, etc, my first comments on ml300,
well I am little to fast to get critical when things dont work.

I found some linux stuff (.h files, .so files, python, etc) still looking
for the c compiler, (on the microdrive).

if the EDK 'obsoleted' TFT is 'supposed' to work, I will give it a try.
no problems.

and montavista, guess it makes sense to ask for ver 3.0
ml300 microdrive has 2.1 Professional installed.

and I do my homework better now
e.g. when attempt to start c compiler on linux I will not yiell
that C compiler isnt there (in 5 minutes) but keep searching
for the compiler. ok, search is in progress :)

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Re: Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..
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GCC has been removed from the target file system. Please keep in mind that the
contains a Linux demo, and a pretty extensive one this is, and not a development

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When the ML300 went into production MVL3.0 was not yet released.

- Peter

Re: Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..
hi antti,

seems good for you : )

i just download compiled programs from a Linux PC to the ML300 (microdrive)
through network

i'm sure the built-in embedded Linux demo has full network support
just plug in the network cable and it will be ok !!



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Re: Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..
so good that Xilinx sent you the example
i'm interested in it, can u send me (email: a copy ?

i'm now finding out how to build (glue all the IP cores needed) an embedded
system environment for the MontaVista Linx (Pro 3.0) to work on, do you
know any reference about that (so as to build an embedded Linux similar
to the one on ML300) ?

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for my case, it's rather convenient for me, i just mount a network drive
other Linux PC on ML300/Linux

seems that thare are programs running under M$ Windows can access
Linux partition

but i will suggest you put the files in the FAT partition, then access the
in Linux by mounting the FAT partition (it's "/dev/xsysace/disc0/part1" in



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Re: Virtex 2Pro, ML300, VP2PDK, EDK, etc..
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I will forward your request to the person I got it from (at least)
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just ask (again) xilinx support, there have been promises that a EDK 3.2
project capable to boot linux will be made available, maybe its wiser to
wait :)

FYI I glued the obsoleted (in EDK) LCD TFT core to the DDR example and
well I think I get it working well I had wrong clock (100MHz!) , wrong
start address (0) and wasnt yet able to compile use the tft library,
but after fixinf those problems I think it does work - with memory
test i did see 'visual picture of memory fill' :)

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tnx, it would have taken me long tofigure this out !!!!

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