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I am using the latest greatest Windows install of ModelSim SE. I have compiled all the ISE and EDK simulation libraries using the tools in command line mode. That is another story all together, but the wizard in the EDk did NOT work. I kept getting errors. Anyways, all the libraries are compiled with NO errors. I then ran the 'Generate Simulation Files' in the EDk and everything finishes OK. All the files are created and placed in the simulation/behavioral directory.

The top level is system.v so I start ModelSim and change directories to my EDK project/simulation/behavioral directory. I then run 'do' at the ModelSim prompt. It goes through the process and reports everything OK. Then I type in 'vsim system system_conf glbl' from the ModelSim prompt. It runs through the process and gives errors. The errors are given for my custom IP cores located in the pcores directory. These cores instantiate Xilinx primitives (FDCPE's, DCM's, IDELAY's, etc) in their Verilog code. The errors say that those primitives are not defined. An example is:

C://pcores/clock_generator_v1_00_a/hdl/verilog/ dcm6x.v(76): Module 'DCM_ADV' is not defined.

It appears that ModelSim cannot resolve these back to the compiled libraries. Everything else is OK. All the libraries are listed in ModelSim's workspace window. Is there something I am missing with respect to using the custom IP cores? Do I need to add a flag to the vsim command?


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Adding a -L unisims_ver to the vsim command worked.

PS Xilinx documentation is not the best. I never could get the library compilation wizard in the EDK to work. I had to doit manually. Then the online steps for simulating with ModelSim were not accurate.

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