Using Synplicity to synthesize EDK user IP's

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I am trying to play around with Synplify and an EDK project I have already implemented solely in the EDK. I have flagged the "IMP_NETLIST = FALSE" in all the user IP in the project. Then I use the "Export to ProjNav" in the Tools menu.

Opening the resulting "system.ise" project in the ISE tool works correctly. All the core vhdl and verilog "wrapper" files are added as sources correctly, but since the EDK did not synthesize the user IP, they all show up as "?" sources in the project.

So just messing around, I pulled in the top level vhdl for one of my IP. This is the vhdl file that the import peripheral wizard made, and the one that I filled in correctly. Again, this project works fine in the EDK, so all files for all IP's are correct.

Once I add that top vhdl file as a source, and the associated files for my IP, everything looks OK except for the opb_ipif source referenced in the vhdl file. It shows up as a "?" source. OK, so I add the source from the common libraries. So the opb_ipif looks OK, but it references sources that reference sources that reference sources, etc, etc, etc. I started adding all the sources it asked for. But then it gets down to some that are not even on the hard drive of my machine. They are nowhere to be found. So of course, the Synplicity errors out.

Is there a way to do what I am trying to do? Basically, I want the EDK to synthesize the Xilinx IP and Synplicity to synthesize the user IP via the ISE. Then I guess I would pull the finalized bitstream back into the EDK for final compilation and download.

I know I could probably black-box the user IP in the ISE first and then pull that into the EDK. But I am just messing around, evaluating what can and cannot be done using Synpilcity. It is a VERY expensive tool that we are trying to see is worth justifying.



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I would use Synplicity to convert my code into .edf files to add to the ISE place+route.

I would add an unbound component to my vhdl code to match the xilinx supplied netlists. EDK no doubt add some of it's own constraints, but I know nothing about that.

You can't answer that question without running a sample design through all the tools with and without Synplicity synthesis.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler


There is an appnote on Synplicity's Website that may help:

formatting link

Happy New Year,


Synplicity FAE - Colorado.

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Bob Efram

Hey Bob,

I have looked at that document. It tells how to use the EDK to generate the embedded system and then import that into Synplify. This INCLUDES the user IP from the system. Then it explains how you can add other logic around the processor subsystem. But the user IP is STILL synthesized using XST.

I do not want to use XST except for the Xilinx IP synthesis. I am trying a couple of different things, but haven't had any luck yet.

Thanks though,


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OK, I lied! The article does mention using Synplify to synthesize user IP, but it also says a future article will be available specifically addressing that issue. I guess I would like to see that article.

It seems that the app note hints that a user IP can be synthesized from the user_logic level down, black-box imported into the project, wrapped and instantiated in the IP_name.vhd file, and then synthesized using XST in the end. So the user_logic is as far up the module as you can go. I would agree with that. Trying to synthesize the IP_name.vhd file results in having to reference a TON of other files associated with the opb_bus IP. And I never got that to work anyways.

Also, it could work to change to a custom make file for the synthesis, point to different scipts for each IP, and then use Synplify that way, but that seems like a lot of work.

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