Update on availability of Spartan3

I want to update my post on the availability of Spartan3.

I called NuHorizons and was able to get a quote on XC3S200-4PQ208C097. I was told they are available in 6-8 weeks with a minimun order of 24 pieces - a tray.

I regard this as good news, as the time frame is reasonable for my needs. Also I can validate that the information that Steve Knapp and Peter Alfke provided is correct, particularly in the benefit of adding the C097 suffix.

I would add an observation. For those who are in the "inside" the information they have perhaps takes on a certain quality of reality that is different from those of us who are on the "outside." I am a small fish so far as selling products, so I rely on information posted on the disitributor websites.

Over the course of the past several months I peridically logged on to see where supply was. As well I verified the availability through the Xilinx Web store. More recenly the supply seemed to disappear, which is what caused me some concern.

I would concur with one poster about selling through the Xilinx store. I think this would be a good business decision, even if the sales benefit is nil or negative. Call it a marketing expense. There simply are times when a designer wants a couple of pieces and prefers to order directly rather than go through the hassle of dealing with a distributor (other than DigiKey.)

I agree that this service, which is offered by Linear, Maxim, etc, makes a difference in terms of having assurance about supply. I hope Xilinx resumes this practice when supply from the 12" wafer stabilizes.

So, thanks for the help.

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Received a notification yesterday that the Xilinx spartan3e starter kits won't be available until september 2005.


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