Nuhorizons alternatives for Xilinx parts?

I am currently doing work on a small board with a FPGA and DSP. I have been planning to use the Xilinx XC3S1000-4FT256C , but Nuhorizons doesn't seem too interested in selling me 2 for a prototype. Where else could I find these? The Xilinx online store only has parts up to the XC3S400. I have checked digikey, but they are a few years behind on the Xilinx parts.

I may have to consider changing to Altera since Digikey seems to stock them. I really don't want to do this, but if forced by unavailability of parts I will have to.

Darrell Harmon

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I am assuming you are in the US but Xilinx have 3 official distributors there look here

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. There are a few other places in the US that stock Spartan-3 that I have come across. A web search will probably dredge those up.

Unfortunately, other than catalogue operations, a lot of distributors are not interested in selling small numbers of parts. MOQs of hundreds or even thousands are not now uncommon.

John Adair Enterpoint Ltd. - Home Of Low Cost Spartan-3 Development Board MINI-CAN.

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John Adair

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