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Dear All;

please, I need to use the library of Unisim from Xilinx in my VHDL code simulated with ModelSim. How can I make the link? I appreciate your time answering a basic question like that but it is urgent.

Thank you

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Mohamed Elnamaky
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Hi Mohamed

The best solution is to use compxlib program from XilinxISE packet. For this open windows console and type:

compxlib -help

read examples and descriptions for all options.

This is a example for VirtexIIPro, ModelsimSE, Unisims and Verilog/VHDL. Compiled libraries will be placed in c:\Xilinx\comp_libs directory.

compxlib -s mti_se -f virtex2p:u -l all -o c:\Xilinx\comp_libs

After compilation, path to Unisims will be added to modelsim.ini file. I think that's all. I don't have experience with ModelsimXE. By the way, which version do you have ? :)


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If you are using PE/LE/SE then:

1, Look up how to use the Xilinx compxlib utility 2, Compile your Unisim library using compxlib (you might want to do Simprim and XilinxCorelib at the same time) 3 Invoke Modelsim and add a mapping for the unisim library (alternatively just update your modelsim.ini file) 4 Try again...:-)


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Dear Michal and Hans; That was greate and I just did what you both told me and I got the link to Unisim and SimPrim libraries to my Simulator (Modelsim_SE). Thank you so much. I just used to be an ASIC Designer and that was my first time dealing with FPGAs, I'm trying to get now all components that I can use and design cycle that should run between ModelSim, Leonardo, and Xilinx. If you can give me some directions, I will be thankful again.


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Mohamed Elnamaky

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