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I need to simulate my EDK (8.2) project.

Simulator is Modelsim SE 6.1c.

I did following steps:

------------------------------------------- In order to compile COMPXLIB,

I used the EDK simulation library compilation wizard

Project -> Project options -> HDL and Simulation -> Simulation library path

EDK library = C:/EDK/EDK_LIB Xilinx library = C:/Xilinx/Xilinx_LIB


However, I could not proceed, because of the message "Modelsim is not found. Please ensure that the simulator is correctly installed and/or necessary environment settings are available".

Could anyone tell me "how to set up the environment" (or, how to points to the location of the simulator)? in EDK 8.2 ?

Thank you in advance

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It sounds like the environment variable MODEL_TECH is not set. I believe that the ModelSim install program should have set this for you. Look in your environment variables to see if it is set. Also, can you already run ModelSim outside of EDK?

EDK has help information that walks you through what you need to do to get set up for simulation.

In EDK, go to:

Help->Help Topics->Procedures for Embedded Processor Design->


This will tell you what to do to get setup, including how to set environment variables.


John McCaskill,

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John McCaskill

Now simulation models and compile script are generated. Thank you for your help.

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