Two's complement Coregen gone?


I'm a systems engineer and not the direct FPGA guy, but I'm fairly involved in the implementation of my DSP algorithm on our Virtex-II platform. Our current code uses the 2's complement block IP core. Today, when I went searching on the Xilinx site to refresh my memory on how it works (we did the initial coding 3+ years ago), I couldn't find it anywhere! Did it get replaced by something else, or should I just use the numeric package to convert to that format?



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Marty Ryba
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I've lost track of how many times I've searched for something on Xilinx's website that I *knew* was there without ever finding it. Most likely it still exists. It may not show up in the tool (by default) if it's deprecated.

Ben Jackson AD7GD
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Ben Jackson

You hit the nail right on the head Ben,

As of at least 9.1, the twos complementer is still in CORE Generator, but it has been deprecated for a while. To make it show up, select "All Versions incl. Obsolete" in the Show pull down menu in the tool bar at the top of the CORE Generator window.


John McCaskill,

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John McCaskill

Yes, ieee.numeric_std.unsigned would do the job.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

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