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The web site does not work 100% as there are some broken links, but all the
pages are there. They currently offer three boards, A1/A2 provide two sizes
of the Lattice XO2, the 256 and 1200. These two boards are basically just
break out boards with nothing else other than decoupling caps and a ferrite
bead. The B2 board uses the ICE40LP8K and comes with an SPI flash chip, a
16 MHz clock, PSU chips and a USB programming interface.
One thing I noticed is that the TinyFPGA-B2 doesn't have a USB interface
chip on it. The USB data pins go directly to the ICE40 chip. To the best
of my knowledge there is no USB interface on the ICE40 chip. So I don't get
how this boots up the chip. Maybe they have a way of faking out the USB
interface with a special driver, but that doesn't sound very plausible to me.
Anyone know much about the TinyFPGA boards?
Rick C 

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