how to test the FPGA on the board

hi all

I have to test an fpga on a customised board

could anybody suggest me the methods for this archana

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there are a number of tests/things you should do/ensure to get the custom board up and working. Check the power supply from the regulators to ensure they are giving correct core/auxillary/internal voltages to the FPGA. You should have designed the board to have a jumper disconnecting the voltages to the fpga and only after checking their stability through oscilloscope (for rail noise etc), should you connect the jumpers for routing the power to the FPGA.

After the power check, make sure the PROM you've connected also connects correctly to the power supplies as well as to the FPGA using the short circuit test through an amp meter.

Next is to check whether the jtag chain is picking PROM and FPGA through Impact. If they are detected correctly, then see if the boundary scan can program the FPGA for say turning on/off LEDs. If you have general purpose i/os connected to an external header, then check the voltages there giving a 0xAA pattern to any 8 output pins.

If PROM and FPGA are being programmed correctly, then its a matter of writing validation applications/codes for individual hardware and testing if each work independently/collectively fine with the FPGA.

Hope this helps


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