strange Microblaze error


I get the following error, I am not sure how to fix that. I have tried increasing the memory size, but that doesnt help.

mb-ld: region ilmb_cntlr is full (TestApp/executable.elf section .sdata2) mb-ld: region ilmb_cntlr is full (TestApp/executable.elf section .sdata2) mb-ld: section .data [00000000 -> 0000005f] overlaps section .text [00000000 -> 0000109f] make: *** [TestApp/executable.elf] Error 1

Any suggestions?


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How big is your elf (Tools-->Get Program Size)--the stack and heap are not listed in this total so factor in those sizes? How big is the Microblaze LMB memory? How did you increase the LMB memory size, perhaps you didn't add enough. Is this design straight out of BSB or have you modified it?


Patrick wrote:

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