reading data off a virtex-ii pro board

Hi all,

I have some program receiving data on a virtex-ii pro board. I'm trying to obtain information from the board, so I can process the data in a PC. The amount of data I try to retrieve is about at least 2MB. Can anyone suggest an efficient method to do so? Thanks.

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What's wrong with RS-232? You'll need some software on a PC to catch the data, but you'll need something like that anyway.

115Kbits/sec works fine on most PCs. You can kludge things if the cables are short. We use TTL levels rather than real RS-232 all the time. 2M bytes is 174 seconds. Extra credit if you add a checksum.

If you want something faster, I'd try ethernet. You'll have to wrap things into a UDP packet. That's just putting a constant on the front end and a CRC on the back. If you want to get fancy you could include a sequence number and/or start/end flags.

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