System ACE CF controller, can i do this


I'm trying to make my XtremeDSP board non-volatile.

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Since the board does not come with any platform flash to load configuration on power up, i'm currently looking at the system ACE to solve this problem. I have gone thru the System ACE CF solution and have some question about this.

i guess the first question is: is this possible? i mean, can i just wire up the pins from the chip of the system ACE to the JTAG port on the board (provided i have all other connection right)?

Also, I saw that I may need to wire up the ~PROGRAM and ~INIT pins to the System ACE. Is this necessary? i'm not too familiar with the JTAG port's specification. I ask this because I own other FPGA board and to program this board, these are the only pins connected: TMS, TDI, TDO, TCK, GND, VDD.

lastly, is there any ready-made board that does this? a small pcb with mounted:System ACE chip, Compact Flash socket, voltage regulators, etc, such that i can just plug it into my jtag port? I couldnt find it anywhere..

Alright, thank you very very very much


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sutejok schrieb:

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basically, yes.

if you dont have prog_b connected then pushing reconfig button on the base board will not force systemACE to reconfigure

systemACE chips cost 45USD and are not obtainable in less quantity then

90, so your best bet is to buy memec (now avnet) systemACE P160 module, it costs some 160 USD

optionally you can write systemACE player for some small micro and connect that JTAG port. if you are interested in that solution please contact me


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