Problem with System ACE

Hi folks,

I am desperately trying to load a design via System ACE onto a ML403 board.

What I use:

ISE 8.2i ML403 Linux

What I did:

Synthesized a very small design (some led blinking).

Then generated System ACE with my .bit file. Added my bitstream to all config addresses.

I formatted the CF dos partition with: mkdosfs -s 64 -F 16 -R /dev/sda1

- using the original partition table that came on the card.

Mounted with -ofat=16 - also tried without

Now I tried to move all generated files to the CF -> Red light

Picked .ace file and used as standalone system.ace -> Red light

Copied the original contents of the DOS partition into the CF (by copy, not the image!!) -> Green light

Copied my .ace file into the designated position for an own ace -> Green light, after selection from the menu -> Red light

Copied bootloader .ace file from the original image as system.ace into my CF -> Green light

So I think that my DOS FS generation is ok as I can make a working CF.

But my .ace file doesn't seem to work.

I have tried all that several times, thinking over and over and over again. My bitfile works when I upload it directly via JTAG.

Has anyone an idea what I have done wrong? I don't have any further ideas.

Thank you all very much!!!

Best regards,

Philipp :-)

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Philipp Hachtmann
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Hello again,

I got it working!

I manually set up the JTAG chain for which the ACE file is to be generated. Used the bsd files for the XCF and the XC95144 device which I found in the ISE directory.

Is there any other way to set up the chain?

And: Where (in which manual) is mentioned how to proceed?

Best regards,

Philipp :-)

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Philipp Hachtmann

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