XC2V2000 + System Ace + Reconfig

Hi, we tried to reconfigure a VirtexII using the Xilinx Multimedia Demoboard.

The configuration can be done using CF-Card and System-ACE (bye the way, how do you pronounce ACE, A-C-E ? ) or via JTAG.

The MPU port of the System-ACE is connected to the Virtex device. We want to initiate a reconfiguration from the FPGA itself. In order to do that, we send a byte to the CONTROLREG register of the System-ACE using the MPU port. In this way we set the FORCECFGMODE bit and the CFGSTART bit to 1 at the same time.

Unfortunately the reconfiguration doesn't start.

Any ideas?



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Joerg Ritter
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