Synthesisable fixed-point arithmetic package

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Six months after I said "it's nearly done", I've now finished an
alpha-test version of the synthesisable VHDL fixed-point package
I promised.  Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself? :-)

I've published it on our corporate website but, as yet, there are
no links to it from elsewhere on the site.  So you need to go
straight to it using this link: /

At present, all you get is a VHDL package and package body,
and a PDF doc describing it.

Any feedback is welcome.  Please note that it is very much
in an experimental state at present.  It is in desperate need
of example designs and a validation test suite;  contributions
towards either will be gratefully received, and acknowledged in
future releases.

I would be especially grateful for any indication of whether it's
aiming in the right direction, and how it could be enhanced or
made more useful.

My employers are not responsible for any part of the package.
Any comments on it should come directly to me at the
address given below.
Jonathan Bromley, Consultant

DOULOS - Developing Design Know-how
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Re: Synthesisable fixed-point arithmetic package
You may also be interested to know that there is both a fixed point
and floating point package being developed under IEEE 1076.3.

You can find out more information at:

1076.3 General: /
Floating Point: /
Fixed Point:

Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis
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