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When I synthesised my state machine coding in Leonardo spectrum I got the warning as

Warning: prev_chan not always assigned, storage may be needed.

What does it indicate?

how can i avoid this warnings?

And another warning is

Warning, tpac_size should be present in the 'always' condition

Can any one give the solution for these 2 warnings?

With regards

Pradeep. g

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It will create a latch (and you probably don't want this). Make sure that for every execution path of the always block that prev_chan gets a value.

Add tpac_size to the sensitivity list.

Cheers, Jim

Jim Lewis
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Jim Lewis

Hi jim,

thank u,

Prev_chan should get a value during a particular state and that value should be retained till it reaches the same state, so i coded as

prev_chan = chan_num in that state and assigned

prev_chan = prev_chan in all other states, but still i am having the same problem. can't i code like this.

about the 2nd waring,

always @(tmp_teop) begin if (tmp_teop) begin if (count < 2'b01) count_value1 > Hi,

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