Spartan3 Engineering Sample Performance?

I want to use XC3S2000, but appearantly they are only available as engineering samples til Feb 05.

What aspect of these parts does not meet spec? Is it well defined enough that careful design would still let me ship Eng. Samp. in a finished product?


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We define an engineering sample as a part that has not been 'fully qualified' for production.

That can include things as trivial as the final marking, or the results of the high temperature operating life burn-in (which may be already done on other parts in the same family).

ES also means that the production test coverage may not be as high as we target for production. We will tell you what we know, but obviously, we can not tell you what we do not know.

The speeds files are also in an early stage, and we have had to base them off foundry models, as we have not seen all of the corners of the process yet. Given Spartan 3 has shipped more than 1 million + units, that is probably not an issue for your part.

Early in a product, the ES markings may also mean that there is a published errata describing any known defects associated with the units. Always check to see if there is an errata associated with the ES part.

Shipping an engineering sample in a finished product is a business decision on your part, and I can not really comment on that. Others may also not want to comment, as competitive pressures may have forced them to ship ES parts in a 'production' system.

The risk is yours to decide. We will let you know where we are in the process for a particular part. Contact your Xilinx FAE.

Aust> I want to use XC3S2000, but appearantly they are only available as

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