help!! my modelsim occur error on strting

i am korean student studying for fpga I try use modelsim but occur error on starting! help me plz~ my system is windows XP (korean version)

here is error message ---------------


can't read "view_master": no such variable while executing "linsert $args 0 $view_master" ("Viewmaster" arm line 2) invoked from within "switch $cmd { Create { return [eval [linsert $args

0 $view_master Create]] }

Viewmaster { return [eval[linsert $args 0 $view_master]]..." (object "::.vcop method "::vsimwidgets::Vcop::Action" body line 2) invoked from within "$vsimPriv(Vcop) Action Viewmaster varRef _LineNumbers" invoked from within "add_menucb "" view.source "show line numbers" \ -variable [$vsimPriv(Vcop) Action Viewmaster varRef _LineNumbers] \ -command "$vsimPriv(Vcop) A... invoked from within "ncFyP12 " (file "C;/Modeltech_6.0/win32/../tcl/vsim/transcript.op_" line 1) invoked from within "source [file join $MTI_LIB_DIR vsim transcript.op_]" invoked from within "if {[batch_mode]} { source [file join $MTI_LIB_DIR vsim batch.op_] } else { set tcl_interactive 1 source [file join $MTI_LIB_DIR vsim tra..." invoked from within " ...



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