Spartan 3 Digilent Board Expansion Connectors

I am working on a project that is taking a clock and inerfacing it with PLL to get a set of variable clock divisions. I am using the digilent s board as a devolopment tool, and have been getting caught up on how to us the expansion ports as generic I/O pins to output the clk signals to test I assign output and input ports to the FPGA pins that match up to th expansion port pins through the ucf. But the waveform I keep getting ou of the pins are all the same. Even the VCC and ground pins output thi bizzare waveform. Am I missing an enable pin somehwere on the board or d I need to power up the ports? Or is there another way to output test cl signals somewhere on the board? Any help would be much appreciated.

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you can probably measure the same waveform on your finger too?

try connecting ground to your measuring equipment, then there should not be any more large noise on the ground pin.

the ports need to be configured as outputs and VCC IO in those banks need to be present, that all what is needed to output an signal


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