Interfacing expansion ports thru EDK

Hello everybody,

I am trying interface to the J5 expansion port of the Digilent XUP2VP board through EDK. I read a previous post in the group and tried adding the following to the .xbd file for the board:

BEGIN IO_INTERFACE ATTRIBUTE IOTYPE = XIL_GPIO_V1 ATTRIBUTE_INSTANCE = Exp_Conn_J5 PARAMETER num_bits = 32, IO_IS=num_bits PARAMETER is_dual=0, IO_IS=is_dual PARAMETER bidir_data=0, IO_IS=is_bidir # bidir data pins PARAMETER all_inputs=1, IO_IS=all_inputs PORT J5_4 = CONN_J5_4, IO_IS = gpio_io[0] PORT J5_5 = CONN_J5_5, IO_IS = gpio_io[1] PORT J5_6 = CONN_J5_6, IO_IS = gpio_io[2] PORT J5_34 = CONN_J5_34, IO_IS = gpio_io[30] PORT J5_35 = CONN_J5_35, IO_IS = gpio_io[31] END

and to the FPGA section :

# Expansion connector J5 # PORT J5_4 = CONN_J5_4, UCF_NET_STRING=("LOC=N6") PORT J5_5 = CONN_J5_5, UCF_NET_STRING=("LOC=N5") PORT J5_6 = CONN_J5_6, UCF_NET_STRING=("LOC=L5") PORT J5_34 = CONN_J5_34, UCF_NET_STRING=("LOC=L4") PORT J5_35 = CONN_J5_35, UCF_NET_STRING=("LOC=M2")


After this BSB shows up a blank peripheral with no options of connecting to PLB/OPB bus. Finally when I try to build the xps project thru XPS it crashes.

I was wondering if somebody could provide me some pointers on how to connect the expansion ports through EDK. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Koustav

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