Spartan-3 1000 -5 availability

Does anyone know what the current delivery situation is for XC3S1000-5FT256C. On Xilinx's website they say 3-4 weeks, but from Memec they say more than 8 weeks. Does anyone know the truth here.. Austin ?


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Finn S. Nielsen
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The truth is (e) none of the above... if you order 500,000 you can have the first shipment in 4-6 weeks if you order one then its 12-16 weeks

I would ask your dist how much and how soon.. because he will do his best to get them to you on time or will loose the business.


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Simon Peacock


For this kind of accuracy in delivery, I would suggest you work directly with the distributor, your FAE, or the factory (depending on how large the order is).

Distributors are averse (they resist) having shelf stock, as shelf stock is money they spend, and do not have money to show for it. It is a bit of a problem for us, as we would like to have shelf stock for customers, so the wait times get reduced. Unfortunately, distributors do have a business to run, and they decide how much to stock. We have some say in this.

I suspect that we have stock here at the factory (actually Ireland, not San Jose), and so we can respond very quickly to a large order. Smaller orders go through distribution, and it is up to them to decide how much stays on their shelves in anticipation of orders.

Aust> Does anyone know what the current delivery situation is for

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