some mistakes with EDK7.1i

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Hi All,

I installed EDK7.1i on my computer and built a project. but there are always

(1): when i download the bitstream to the FPGA board with the iMPACT of ISE 7 it
always show a mistake as follows:

ERROR:iMPACT: 583-"1":The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode
in the bsdl File.

(2)however, when i ignore the mistake and then go on to implement the programme
"TestApp_Memory" which test the two SDRAMs(this programme is produced with the
project automatically), they get the wrong results:

sdram1: passed sdram2: failed

but when i compile the programmes with EDK6.3i, all of the two sdrams will pass.

who knows the reason? please help me!

Thank you!


Re: some mistakes with EDK7.1i
Hi Lina,

I assume you're using an evaluation board. Which one?


Re: some mistakes with EDK7.1i

The board I am using isn't an evaluation board. It is Virtex-II Pro50. There are
always mistakes with EDK7.1i, but when I do programmes with EDK6.3i, they will
be all right.


re:some mistakes with EDK7.1i
Just a dumb question, but are you sure you selected the right packag
when compiling your code (not only the device family and size, bu
package too)

Make sure it's the same one that you used in ISE 6.3i

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