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What does "multiple" mean?

More than one column. There is a load multiple column command. This loads columns that are contigous to each other. Usually the reconfiguration process loads one column on the left side of the die and then one on the right side of the die. This is to distribute the current evenly over the chip.

If I take the 30 ms boundary seriuosly a full (re)configuration would > destroy the device :o)

A full configuration loads one side then the other.

> Is it possible to create a reconfigurable design with a static and a > dynamically changed > module arranged on top of each other (share the same columns)? > Actually, it should work with differential bitstreams due to the fact that > only bits are toggled > that where modified.

You answered your own question. The answer is "yes." The "static" bits of the design would just get reloaded as they are.


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Hello Steve,

Thanks for the information.


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